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Designing the Web Responsively

Designing the web responsively is the primary focus of Integrity Web Technology. You might ask however,  what is  meant by  that,  and  what benefit is that  to you?  The answer comes in two parts.

First, there is the more obvious sense of the phrase referring to what is commonly known as responsive web design, which has the connotation of creating web sites that flow and resize to adapt to different screen sizes and device types. This provides your site visitors with better user experience.

There is however another side of being responsive as  a web designer, which is responding to the specific needs of  a client by providing a web site that is best suited to the priorities and goals of their particular  business. This is paramount to the ultimate success of your website project, and as such is integral to the process of  designing your site responsively.

Responding to clients needs

Responding to each client’s unique business model, personality, and tastes,  is a very important part of what we do.  We strive to design, develop,  and implement web sites that meet both the functional and design criteria for each individual business.

Responsive Web Design

In today’s world,  part part of being responsive is providing a better web experience for our web site visitors. Integrity Web Technology designs and develops web sites that are responsively designed.  Much like water flows and conforms to its surroundings,  responsive design allows a web page to flow and resize as it is viewed on various screen widths.

Custom Web Design

Integrity Web Technology specializes in creating custom designed web sites using WordPress and Thesis. The combination of WordPress and the Thesis framework allows for virtually unlimited design options, faster loading web pages, and improved SEO.

Integrity Web Technology provides a wide array of Services.

Do you need help setting up your web site?
Acquiring a domain name, or general webmaster help?
Do you have a website that needs to be updated or a complete re-design?
Does your web site need to be optimized for better search engine ranking?
Perhaps you might just need help with regular web site maintenance?

Here is a partial list of Services we offer.

  • Webmaster services, including initial set-up
  • Website Management – site updates, keeping website fresh
  • Web Design & Planning
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Front End Web Development
  • Search Engine Optimization and Analytics
  • Social Media Assistance-for your business
  • How we can help you and your business?
  • Check out our Services page, for more information!

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