Responsive Web Design Services

Web Site Planning & Design

Whether you need a re-design of your current site, or a completely new site, we can provide the service of a custom design specific to your needs.

We will work with you to take your web site from concept to reality.

  • Initial Concept Investigation
  • Consultation – site review
  • Assist in color palette selection,
    integrating your company’s colors into design.
  • Create Graphic Layout Mock-ups
  • Customized Template Creation
  • Customize WordPress Themes
  • Custom Thesis 2 Website

Other Design Related Services available

  • Custom Graphics
  • Image Optimization
  • Photography – local customers only

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Sites are built to adapt to various screen widths from large desktop monitors down to smaller hand-held devices. Responsive Web Design is very popular for those clients who do not want to have to build and maintain two separate web sites; one for mobile users and another for users who might browse their site from large screen devices. Images and text resize while content flows as the site is accessed by users with different screen sizes, or view-ports as they are often called, whether it is a smart phone, a pad device, or a large screen on a laptop or desktop computer.

While not all design layouts allow for using Responsive Web Design, unless there is a compelling reason not to do so we will recommend to most customers that they opt for a design that uses a responsive layout, which is currently is a growing trend among many new websites being built.

Front End Web Development

Front end web development bridges the gap between the desired visual layout of a site and the code necessary to deliver the envisioned user experience. The code required for a site is dependent upon many factors. We create and modify the code on your website that provides for the structure, styling and function for both static sites and dynamic sites using a content management system such as wordpress.

Webmaster & Website Management Services

We can help you with:

  • domain acquisition
  • setting up hosting account – this is where your sites actual files will reside
  • pointing your domain to a new hosting account
  • initial web site set-up
  • maintaining or updating your site
  • renewing your domain name
  • setting you up with a web host

SEO-Search Engine Optimization

SEO , or Search Engine Optimization is the process of refining your content, and coding of your site in such a way as to increase your organic SEO or web ranking with the major search engines. There really is no secret or magic potion to increase traffic to your site but there are good common sense ways to code your site so that it has the best opportunity of being noticed by the major search engines. In reality it is all about the content. Yes, it is important to use the correct phrase for the targeted key words and key phrases throughout your site. That being said, how and where you place important key phrases in your site will have an great impact on your natural search engine ranking.
We will help you to maximize your natural, organic search engine ranking through structure and coding of your site, and suggestions or help with your content.

The saying comes to mind.. Build it and they will come.., in other words good useful content that is also well laid out within your website’s underlying structure will drive more traffic to your site.

Google Analytics

One of the primary tools for monitoring the success of your site is Google Analytics.
We offer the service of setting up google analytics for your site. For monthly customers we will help you monitor and analyze your web site traffic as well as assist in optimizing your site for better ranking.

Social Media Assistance – for your business.

It is common knowledge that using Social Media can be real asset to your business. Having a Facebook Page for your company is a great way to increase exposure of your company to potential customers. We can help you set up your Facebook page and help with regular social media updates to keep your site fresh. Your company’s facebook page can also help to drive traffic to your company’s main web site.

Web Copy Writing – “It is all about the Content”

Written content is an important key to your web site’s success.

You might have a web copy content writer at your disposal. If, however, you are like the majority of businesses, you might find yourself needing help in the area of writing the content for your web site. Now, no one knows your business like you do, so it is important to plan on writing out and submitting your important text early in the design process of your site. That being said one of the services we can provide is assistance in rephrasing and layout of your text so that it will be most appropriate to accomplish the goals that you have for your site.
Though not as flashy as ‘flash’, the text on your site is primary for good SEO.
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